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The warehouse charges us a Dropship fee of $5.00 for orders under 10 dozen and a Dropship fee of $10.00 for orders 10 dozen and up. These fee must be passed to you the customer. It will be added to your order. This fee is charged only for sunglasses from this section, namely XL, BIOHAZARD, LOCS, LOCAS, FLYING SKULL, CHOPPERS, DG, VG, RHINESTONE Collection
All Styles are Mixed
WHOLESALE Sunglasses
USA Eyewear
USA wholesale sunglasses are made out of a tempered glass lens for the go-to vintage look. Our tempered glass is similar to how sunglasses were made before polycarbonate lens became popularized and standard in most sunglasses we wear today. By using tempered glass, the frame is heavier and has a more distinct color to the lens. All of  wholesale USA Eyewear is made with 100% tempered glass and classic styles for the most vintage effect. You can only get these sunglasses at for such affordable prices.
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